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Proactive Africa is committed to serving its clients with geniun dedication and love for the continent. We strongly believe education never ends and the evolution process compels everyone to push further in whatever domain they operate.

Courses Duration

PA offers the Training Package ranging from 1 week to 3 weeks maximum, which allows access to all available Courses (more than 2000 courses), allowing the Client to purchase in a single block a global training schedule for later use Throughout the year and according to their training needs.

With this solution, we guarantee the Client to make training budgets free of future budgetary constraints or unforeseen cost increases, which may limit the effectiveness and scope of training.

The Client is free to choose and use of the Training Hours, Selection of the Courses, organization and Methodology of Training, which can be measured, One to One, On the Job & within /between Companies.

Training Academies

PA has an innovative Creation and Management Service for Training Academies. As Specialists in Training and Skills Development, we assist Clients to create and / or operationally manage their Training Centers.

The Training Academies are a strategic tool for the Organizations to train their Officials/Staffs in an efficient and differentiating way, allowing: Personalized training and aligned with the activity, vision and mission of the company; Focus on the objectives and priorities of the organization; Development of Course Programs consistent with results orientation; Increase the employability and qualification of human resources and the diversification of the portfolio of companies' services.

Training, Consulting & Outsourcing

PA acts as a specialist in the advisory and development of Specialized Consultancy projects. This service assures companies the ability to allocate strategic solutions, which allow them to develop their business, reduce costs, and enhance the skills of Training and Development of their Human Resources.

PA Training Outsourcing service integrates the following activities (partial or total): Training Needs Diagnosis; Elaboration of the Training Plan; Logistic and Administrative Planning; Execution of Training; Training Management; Evaluation and Control of Training. It allows Companies to delegate all strategic, technical and operational management of the Training to Proactive Africa.

Team Building & Outdoor /Events

The Team Building Service presupposes a change of scenery, sometimes with a natural environment (in an Outdoor component), being adjusted to each situation and objectives, allowing to work on themes and competences, such as: interpersonal relationship; Cooperation and teamwork; Organizational culture and conflict management. Involving people, building relationships, reinforcing motivation and feelings of self-confidence, promoting a greater focus on organizational strategy is a major focus of Proactive Africa’s Team Building & Outdoor activities.

Academy of Corporate Languages

Proactive Africa’s Language Academy develops language courses tailored to the needs of professionals, who need to develop their language skills in an organizational and professional context. This training solution aims to provide professionals with the desired linguistic fluency, fully adjusted to their profession and their business.

In-House Training

Proactive Africa can also design and deliver in-house training programmes to meet the unique training needs of your team; if you have 10 or more delegates. Courses are delivered by professional and highly qualified consultants, with extensive experience in their respective industries. PP serves numerous Organizations around Africa. Please feel free to contact us for a free needs diagnosis. You can save up to 50% costs through In-house training. Kindly contact us on admin@proactiveafrica.com / info@proactiveafrica.com for a free quote on In-House Training.

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Our Conference Venues are located in an extremely central area, with great access facilities and all the support infrastructures (Hotels, Guest-houses, Restaurants, Metro, Parking, etc).

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Proactive Africa is committed to serving its clients with geniun dedication and love for the continent.

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